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About Stylo MaxImageWith a history of more than four decades in printing excellence, the Stylo Group has been one of the pioneers of the printing industry in Eastern India. Building on this legacy, Stylo Maximage is one of the largest and best digital printing houses in India. Our state-of-the-art factory is situated in the Salt Lake electronic complex; a highly futuristic and rapidly growing industrial area in Kolkata, and spreads over an area of 30,000 sq.ft. We possess the most advanced digital printing machines and have a production capacity of 65,000 sq.ft per day. However, technology cannot replace the human element. The best machines in the hands of efficient professionals can bring out spectacular results, and our people are quite capable of doing that. Thus, along with unrivalled infrastructure, we also have a highly experienced and dedicated employee pool.

Stylo Maximage stands for clarity, consistency and creativity. It stands for quality, care and punctuality. It means dedication and determination. In short, Stylo Maximage stands for excellence that lasts, that betters its
yesterday’s best, day after day.



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